Wythenshawe Good Neighbours, the story so far...
Established in 2012, Wythenshawe Good Neighbours is about providing companionship for the oldest old of the community through pairing an older person with a volunteer for befriending. Other services we  provide are ad hoc shopping, health escorts to hospital, dentist optician etc. Volunteers will read letters and write cards or type up documents, they will help with finding best prices for utility bills etc. Volunteers are always up to date with later life advice, information and guidance so that the older person is well informed to make decisions about finances, their health and well being and their future care. 

Wythenshawe Good Neighbours organise community lunches at The Firbank Pub, go on regular trips to places of interest and coastal towns and hold seasonal celebrations. Since 2012 our work has touched the lives of 125 older people and we have trained over 50 volunteers. An independent, social enterprise, founded by a local Wythenshawe resident, we are funded by a range of grants and small bids, donations and gifts. A recent subscription approach has been introduced and we  hope to be self sustaining and independent of grants by 2019.

An award winning project receiving a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2013, Spirit of Manchester Award in 2014, and Wythenshawe Community Housing Trust Community Project 2015, we  are developing into a cost effective service of preference for many older people in Wythenshawe.
Wythenshawe Good Neighbours
We connect people with companions across the generations. We provide access to social and creative activity to help older people feel more involved in their community.

Getting out and about can be intimidating for some older people.  Others may lack the confidence to organise their own social and creative activity.  Wythenshawe Good Neighbours arranges companionship visits, community lunches, trips out and seasonal celebrations. Many of our group say being involved with community initiatives helps them feel more energised to tackle everyday issues and gives them extra confidence to make decisions about their future health and wellbeing 
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Companionship through sharing