Wythenshawe Good Neighbours Referrals
We accept referrals from individuals, relatives and friends of  older people.  Perhaps you work in the Wythenshawe community with an older person who you think would benefit from our services, please do refer them for a risk assessment.  Complete the attached referral form and a member of staff will contact you to organise a home visit.
A quick look at what we offer...
Getting out and about can be intimidating for some older people.  Others may lack the confidence to organise their own social and creative activity.  Wythenshawe Good Neighbours arranges companionship visits, community lunches, trips out and seasonal celebrations. Many of our group say being involved with community initiatives helps them feel more energised to tackle everyday issues and gives them extra confidence to make decisions about their future health and wellbeing 
  1. Befriending
  2. Getting Out
    Getting Out
  3. Creating
Companionship through Sharing