Our Services

Wythenshawe Good Neighbours - Companionship through Sharing

It is up to the older person how often and what type of services they access.  Some services are requested more than others but, the service user can discuss their requirements and personal needs with staff.  At £20 per month subscription we offer a competitive service. Members will have access to all the social and creative activity on offer.  They will also have the opportunity to contact us regarding any later life issues. 
Our Services Explained
  1. Befriending
    We match volunteers to older members of the community who are looking for companionship after ill health, bereavement or lack of mobility to create friendships and for sharing life stories.
  2. Getting Out
    Getting Out
    We organise regular trips and days out to places of interest, cities and coastal towns. We also accompany service users to personal appointments for medical, financial or other daily life purposes.
  3. Creating
    Ultimately, we create meaningful and nuturing relationships. We collect stories, photographs and other artefacts which we bring to life in printed materials as well as theatre productions.